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Three Page Website

Three page websites allow you to include many exciting options in your site.

You will also receive up to 5 personalized email addresses with the purchase of your site.

Where do I start?

STEP 1:  Choose 9 options from the ‘3-Page Website Options’ list below. If you choose Firm Logo or Firm Slogan they will appear on every page and only count as one item, not five. Additional standard options can be included at a cost of only $95 dollars each.

  • Firm Logo
  • Firm Slogan
  • Firm History / Description
  • Contact Us Information
  • Areas of Legal Practice
  • Lawyer Profiles
    • If you choose this option you may forward to us the information for the lawyers in your firm. Information may include lawyer names, education, firm status (Partner, Associate, etc), areas of practice, prominant cases, professional associations, and community involvement. You may also include a photo of each lawyer. Note: We msut receive confirmation from each lawyer authorizing thier image appear on the website. It is preferred if you can send any documents in Microsoft Word format (.doc) and any images in JPEG (.jpg) format.
  • Testimonials
    • If you wish to have any testimonials included on your site, please provide them to us in Microsoft Word format (.doc). It is your responsibility to obtain consent from the person giving the testimonial for inclusion of his/her name and quote on your website.
  • Articles
    • We will put up to three of your own articles on your website. Please forward to us your articles in Microsoft Word format (.doc). If you wish to provide more articles, there is an additional fee of $95 for each article posted. If preferred, we will post 2 articles within your area of practice from our library. If you desire further articles from our library there is a legal writer’s fee and an article posting fee of $325 per article. Articles are a minimum of 250 words.
  • Frequently asked Questions
    • Please provide us with the Microsoft Word file containing the frequently asked Questions you wish to add to your website.
  • Firm News
    • Please provide us with the Microsoft Word file containing the Firm News you wish to be included on your website. We recommend this option only if you intend to update the Firm News Page regularly. Updates to this page are $99/hr.
  • Image / Photo
  • Fee Information
  • Customer Information form
    • Have your prospective clients fill out an online form with our standard questions or specific questions you wish to have them answer.
  • Google Map
    • You can place a map or a link to a map showing potential clients where your firm is located.
  • Bookmark / Share / Subscribe Buttons
    • The Bookmark button allows your vistors to easily bookmark your website, making it easier for them to return. The share button makes it easy for your visitors to easily share your website with others. If you plan on updating your website on a regular basis, the subscribe button will notify visitors when your site has been updated.
  • Google AdSense
    • This allows you to put Google advertisements on your webpage and earn money back. Google will analysis the content on your page and add advertisements to a portion of your site relating to the content.
  • Tools
    • More information on these can be found on our Gadgets Page
  • Date and Time
    • More information on these can be found on our Gadgets Page
  • News Feeds
    • More information on these can be found on our Gadgets Page
  • Fun and Games
    • More information on these can be found on our Gadgets Page

STEP 2:  Choose the template and colours that best represent your law firm from our Templates page OR tell us how you would like your site layed out and the colour scheme you would like.

Click here for a sample Three Page Website.

Check out our Packages page for additional money saving options for your website.

What next?

E-mail us with your choices to

How long will it be until my website is up and running?

Law Web Services can create a site including your chosen content in just fourteen days.

You will have the final say and a chance to make any changes you wish prior to your site going live.



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